Ear Infection:

"As a child, I suffered from chronic ear infections that led to me going through twelve sets of tube surgeries and over twelve rounds of antibiotics. I finally decided there was no reason to go through the surgeries as a kid and decided along with my parents that if my eardrums were going to rupture naturally or by placing a tube in them it would make no difference. As I continued to suffer from chronic ear infections all the way through high school I eventually became numb to the pain and it would no longer bother me when it occurred. It wasn't till my senior year I suffered from a neck injury that left me with the inability to lift or feel my arm after a hit to the head for up to 5 seconds and continued to progress as I played through the pain to 15 seconds at a time. When the coaches finally noticed what was going on they sent me to the doctor who wanted to prescribe medication and a surgeon who wanted to fuse the bones in my neck. I told them that the problem only occurred when I would sustain a hit while playing football and if my career was over regardless of those procedures or doing nothing then there was no point in going through these procedures. It was after that conversation I spoke to a friend of mine who's dad was a chiropractor. He brought me in and examined my neck and took specific postural x-rays. He developed a plan for me and began adjusting. After my second visit, I no longer had this shooting pain or inability to lift my arm after a hit to the head. I was able to continue to play my senior year of high school and go on to play at Wheaton College where I met my now wife Marie Hahn. With continued care, I began to notices that my chronic ear infections had gone away and was no longer suffering from random eardrum ruptures. 

- Dr. Bradley Hahn 


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